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General Information

The Consular Wing of the High Commission of India, Kingston can be contacted for the following services:

  1. Visa services for all foreign passport holders (Please note that Diplomatic, Official and UN passports should be accompanied by Note Verbale)  
  2. All services relating to Indian passports
  3. All services relating to OCI (Overseas Citizens of India) Cards
  4. All services relating to Emergency Certificates and Identity Certificates
  5. Police Clearance Certificates
  6. Registration and issue of Birth and Death Certificates and Registration of Marriage.
  7. Attestation of documents
  8. Swearing in of Oaths / Affidavits / Power of Attorney etc.

Notice: Use of Thuraya /Iridium Satellite phones is banned in India. Unauthorised use of such phones will lead of confiscation of the same and will attract prosecution as per relevant laws governing use of satellite phones in India. Visitors are advised not to carry/use satellite phones during their visit to India.